Professor Fatweedington is a side character in Mr. Push comics, and the main character Of the Professor Fatweedington: The Detective Series. He is an ex-detective for the police department who got quit because he was too good for the job, and started his own detective agency, inside a lobster pound truck, filled with captured, lobsters, crabs, and other mysterious creatures. He is always undercover, so he can investigate secretly. In multiple occasions, he has been in the Awesome Squad, where he helped take down the Guard, who is also Peter, his old friend. 

First appearance- Mr Push (Comic Series) Issue 2, Volume 1

Weakness- Peper Spray

Powers- Amazing detective abilities

Good or bad- He is usually good, but sometimes neutral

Origin- Neil first fought crime when he was in the police academy, with his good mate Peter. When his friend left, Neil decided to continue forward until he becomes the greatest detective of all time. Fatweedington was accepted in the police force and after few successful years, he became a detective for the force. After solving hundreds of cases, he was fired from the police force for being "too good", and starts his own private detective agency. He drives a Lobster Pound Truck that he borrowed from his friends and the Pound. 

Member of team- Police Department (Formerly),Fatweedington has his own PD agency with Explosion Man 'Boris' who is his assistant and helps with some cases. and he is a member of the Awesome Squad who works in the inside supporting them and aiding them from the headquarters.

Secret Identity- Neil Fatweedington  

Vehicles- The Lobster Pound Truck, Lobster Motorcycle (On the way being created by Eliot Must)

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