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Welcome to the Mr. Push WikiEdit

Welcome to the amazing wiki of the comic series Mr. Push written and illustrated by F Lawless and T Anstey, and the upcoming Proffesor Fatweedington series written by M Tomovic and illustrated by  T Anstey. This wiki features a vast variety of goodies, baddies and more! Learn more about the glorious world of Mr. Push on this very wiki!

Do you want to know more about Mr. Push? Well, let's get started! Go here to check out all Characters.

Main Characters of Pushverse

Mr. Push

Professor Fatweedington

Goodies (Heroes)

Magnet Boy

Great Idea Girl


Badies (Villans)

Guard Guy

Lock Man

Hot Rides (Vehicles)

The Push Mobile 

The Lobster Pound Truck

Not Entirely Related (Other)

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What will you see?Edit

This wiki has a dedicated team of writers on the comics updating the wiki often, adding more news, stories, and  more! Please do not vandalize this wiki, we mean it from our heart.

You interested in this wiki? Go to Mej Mej wiki for more interesting content!

Latest activityEdit

You can view art at, Video Library.

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