Magnet Boy is the son of Magnet Man and he is the leader of The Awesome Squad.

First appearance- Fatweedington v. Magnetboy: The Morning of Vengeance

Weakness- Any metals

Powers- Magnet Boy has the ability to fly, laser eyes and he has super strength. 

Good or Bad- Good

Origin- Magnet Boy was the son of Magnet Man and had the same powers as his father. He created a superhero team called The Awesome Squad and got a good friend Eliot Must to build The Awesome Jet. Before the Awesome Squad was formed, he had a big battle with Professor Fatweedington, in which they fought together with two other goodies to defeat a bad guy, in which he died. But with the help of Great Idea Girl and Grabber, they brought him back to life.

Member of team- He is the leader of The Awesome Squad, Co-owner of Must Industries

Secret Identity- Bob Magnetic. 

Vehicle- The Awesome Jet

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